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Announcement: The initial launch of the nettrigger with the presence of the CEO of datalabpro and the senior director of the Physicscenters Scientific Research Institute at the International Conference Center in Switzerland.

MetaTrigger Whitepaper

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Triggers Self-evolving protocol


Decentralized structure stuck together


Support and accountability community


Triggers Maternal and reproductive nuclei


MetaTrigger Parallel world

Let's talk more clearly about metatriggers

Create a parallel world with real values by smart and self-evolving Triggers. A trans-global program for the development of a parallel world with more values. Anyone can create their own parallel world, the parallel MetaTrigger world will be completely understandable to humans, all human feelings, emotions and needs will be gradually achieved through Triggers technology. This paper introduces a new model for Living without limits in a parallel world called MetaTrigger . In Parallet World, everyone has a core of life that they can create, your character in this world is formed and evolved according to your true spirits and personality. Your efforts are similar to the current life. Given your efforts, thoughts and ideas in all areas can be developed, your financial and non-financial values can be exchanged as a valuable asset with others.

With the passage of time and the evolution of Triggers, the quality of life in the parallel world increases and reaches a point where the quality of life in the parallel world exceeds the current life. The meta-trigger world is a decentralized and human chain, every human being in this system forms a chain. The development of triggers is done by humans themselves. Triggers are designed and implemented in a way that can bring you financial value, and on the other hand, due to the significant increase in the quality of life in the parallel world, this quality can also affect the life of your current world. At the beginning of the establishment and chain in the parallel world, every human identity owns a valuable nucleus of life, the maintenance and development of this nucleus depends on each person, you can increase your value and your life and property day by day, also by You can no longer make the core of your life so worthless that it is destroyed.

Metaverse Trigger