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Announcement: The initial launch of the nettrigger with the presence of the CEO of datalabpro and the senior director of the Physicscenters Scientific Research Institute at the International Conference Center in Switzerland.

MetaTrigger Technical Sponsors

In this section, we intend to provide you with information about MetaTrigger Technical Sponsors in the following we will explain more about MetaTrigger Technical Sponsors and you will have very complete information. About MetaTrigger Technical Sponsors you will get. The X World Community will be happy to welcome you as a member.


Triggers Self-evolving protocol


Decentralized structure stuck together


Support and accountability community


Triggers Maternal and reproductive nuclei


Supporters and sponsors

The supporters and sponsors of MetaTrigger are divided into two parts, one is the owners and the board of directors and founders of the project.
and other foreign sponsors and project supporters, which will be explained below.

Directors and founders:

The managers, founders and creators of this project are composed of 4 departments, which we will introduce to you below:

1- Maintrigger: the management project and the brain of the Triggers ecosystem, this company is the management and decision-making center of other projects and other departments. 

2- Trigger Factory: Trigger Factory focuses on the final launch of projects, this institution is active in the field of operational launch, quality control, optimization and improvement of the user interface in real life, feedback. 

3- Trigger Protocol: This institute has formed the trigger protocol structure and all the projects of this institute are created under the knowledge-based and powerful trigger protocol platform. 

4- Trigger Support: This department is one of the most important support discussions, accountability, follow-up, public relations, inter-organizational development.

5- Trigger Scanner: This is a self-governing and intelligent system and portal, which is supposed to provide public access to all interceptions, information recording, and reports in the future.

6- NetTrigger: Nettrigger is an alternative network with no defects in the connection between the trace and the connection of the components, and finally all the parent and main projects will be launched under this decentralized network.

Foreign and technical partners:

Metatrigger is born in the midst of a mass of science.

Metatrigger project is currently supported by several scientific and research, informatics and investment institutions. In the following, we will introduce some of the supporters of this project.

1- Scientific research company Data Lab Pro: This is a huge company in the field of information infrastructure in the world, Data Lab Pro is currently working on knowledge-based projects in the field of information storage, transmission, stability, processing and optimization.

2- Overclient Company: This company is working in the field of developing user management systems, improving user relationship, inter-network communication, controlling clients and making them intelligent.

3- AllOverCode: It is one of the knowledge-based institutions in the field of computer science and programming using artificial intelligence, X company is now one of the most important technical partners of this project and Nettrigger network.

4- Physics Centers: We are proud to mention Physics Centers scientific research institute as a partner and scientific sponsor of this project.

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