MetaTrigger Assets

Announcement: The initial launch of the nettrigger with the presence of the CEO of datalabpro and the senior director of the Physicscenters Scientific Research Institute at the International Conference Center in Switzerland.

MetaTrigger Technology

In this section, we intend to provide you with information about MetaTrigger Technology in the following we will explain more about MetaTrigger Technology and you will have very complete information. About MetaTrigger Technology you will get. The X World Community will be happy to welcome you as a member.


Triggers Self-evolving protocol


Decentralized structure stuck together


Support and accountability community


Triggers Maternal and reproductive nuclei


The technology used in MetaTrigger

Let's talk more clearly about metatriggers

The Metatrigger project started in early 2021 in cooperation with 7 companies, the fields of activity of these institutions and companies are: informatics and information technology, artificial intelligence, scientific and research research center, management, processing systems and stability and information storage And …., Using the help of these institutions and companies, Metatrigger has been able to establish its platform on the Nettrigger network.

We have been able to complete the first layer of the infrastructure of this project by using all available resources and we hope that the second phase of the project and its operational launch will begin by the beginning of 2023. Our vision and vision of the future of Metatrigger is so clear that it leaves no doubt for anyone. Life is changing and we will be at the forefront of this field.

Metaverse Trigger