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Announcement: The initial launch of the nettrigger with the presence of the CEO of datalabpro and the senior director of the Physicscenters Scientific Research Institute at the International Conference Center in Switzerland.

MetaTrigger Biography

In this section, we intend to provide you with information about MetaTrigger Biography in the following we will explain more about MetaTrigger Biography and you will have very complete information. About MetaTrigger Biography you will get. The X World Community will be happy to welcome you as a member.


Triggers Self-evolving protocol


Decentralized structure stuck together


Support and accountability community


Triggers Maternal and reproductive nuclei


Description about metatrigger

Let's talk more clearly about metatriggers

Metatrigger was originally created to run on the Nettrigger network. Let’s get to know the Nettrigger 1 network a little more… Nettrigger is a network that every person in the world is a part of. In fact, this network does not depend on the Internet, nor on the country, nor on a certain number of people. The efforts of the components in this network all go hand in hand and lead to its development and improvement. The noteworthy point is that the 4 big promises of the informatics, physics and scientific industry in the world are launching the NetTrigger network and this scientific and organized interaction has greatly contributed to the quality and coherence of NetTrigger.

Another important point that you should know about Nettrigger is that this network will be launched only once and will not have any dependence on any person or persons, companies, countries or governments. The only thing that causes the development and growth of this network is only humans. In fact, the Nettrigger network creates an information platform that can completely replace the world’s Internet in the first stage. All the limitations, disorders and shortcomings of networks such as the Internet have been solved on the Nettrigger platform.

Metaverse Trigger